Personal—Photo Styling


Personal Project—
Photo Art Direction


Collaborations. Some think it’s stressful. I can’t get enough of it. In my short career, I’ve had the privilege of working with the most talented photographers, hair + make-up artists, stylists, etc.

One night over dinner, we decided to do something together. And we never stopped.

Art Direction, Photo Selects, Retouching Notes


A Little Glitter Never Hurt Nobody

Inspired by 80’s glam, roller disco, and this Beyoncé video, our talent lure us into a world of nostalgia.


Femme Fatale

In this series, we explored the duality of a powerful female character—if she lets us.


Woman in Uniform

As she dons fatigues, she’s anything but fatigued. She’s tireless. She’s strong-willed. She’s beautiful.


Fashion, but make it real world

Selected fashion spreads highlighting apparel pieces and accessories


Partners in Crime, Photographers, Retouchers: Caleb&Gladys