Brooklinen—For Your Eyes Only


For Your Eyes Only


The brief was deceivingly simple: create a brochure that tells conference attendees about what the company offers.

As I began to dive deeper into the project, I realized that Brooklinen wanted a brochure. But first and foremost, it needed to make a great first impression.

Art Direction, Branding, Design


The curious case of the swag

Most of us have attended conferences only to receive flimsy tote bags, pocket notebooks notebooks, and maybe a USB or two—only to find them in the hotel room trash can at the end of the day. That was exactly the type of swag we didn’t want to make.


This one’s for your eyes only

While Brooklinen sheets are made for everybody, that’s not the case in how we choose our partners to work with. A partnership would only happen if all the stars aligned. As such, we wanted to hone in on the message of exclusivity.

Our thoughtfully selected marketing materials are housed in a highly confidential looking folder, finished with a copper foil, button + string, and all.


Surprise and delight

We wanted to create something that wasn’t just a piece of swag, but a beautifully packaged experience — one that feels exclusive and representative of the quality of our products.

We also made sure that these items were useful to our potential partners. As the user reveal the content of what’s inside – we surprised them with an eye mask that was, well, for their eyes only.

The project saw us sourcing the best vendors to create “Brooklinen Verified” enamel pins, an eye mask that can be frozen or heated—designed to bring relief to tired eyes after a full day of conference, or on the flight home. Useful.

Results: We brought 500 of these to the conference. We ran out within 2 days.


Designer: Robson Tan | Copywriter: Katherine Penta | Photographer: Caleb+Gladys